Largemouth bass fishing

The region is well known for its freshwater fishing. In fact, the Palmiet River flows through the Elgin Valley, directly past Mofam. The middle reaches on which Mofam is situated contains various aquatic life including smallmouth bass. You can launch your own Kick boat or wader, or any non motorised craft, for the day. We can launch up to 8 vessels. Please remember that we have a strict Catch and Release policy


Do some quiet-water pristine river paddling in the early morning in one of our kayaks. You may well be the only person around. Mofam fringes a beautiful stretch of the river with almost half of the entire river catchment area containing indigenous fynbos and striking trees. Look out for some of the aquatic on and under water life including the African clawless otter and water mongoose. Twitchers will easily identify common birdlife such as the giant kingfisher, duck, heron, red bishop and waders.

River cruising

Take a gentle river waft navigated by one of our friendly staff on our custom-crafted Mofam barge. We take bookings for a minimum of six and a maximum of 15 guests. Even though there isn’t a prescribed time, we recommend late afternoon to watch the sun set over unobstructed mountain, river, orchard and forest views. You might even get to see the first twinkling stars of the night. Best to reserve a spot in advance. Snacks are served enroute and included in the cost. Drinks are extra. This activity is dependant on the water levels of the Palmiet river, so please check before your arrival if this option is available. We have a selection of drinks on board or you can pre-order.


By seasoned hiker standards, Gerald’s Trail is relatively easy and includes eyefuls of natural wonder. That said it does require decent footwear, a sunhat, and plenty of water. The trail follows several kilometres up the Palmiet River to the Arrieskraal Dam. It climbs and dips between valleys and narrow gorges, which in winter carry a proliferation of gurgling streams down to the river. If you’re heading off in summer, early morning and later afternoon are recommended when the shadows are long and the light is soft.

The full walk takes approximately two hours at a steady pace but you can stroll at your own pace and turn back whenever you feel like it. If you’d prefer a meditative stroll, walk our labyrinth set on the hillside above the restaurant.